Ukraine Protection and Development Fund


The Ukraine Protection and Development Fund is a charitable organisation registered in Ukraine and established to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine resulting from the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Create the brand identity and launch the website in 7 days

The Ukraine Protection and Development Fund was established in May 2022, just 3 months after Russia started the broad scale aggression against Ukraine.

Andrew Kinsel, a US citizen and founder of the consulting company Kinsel & Co., who had been residing in Kyiv for 25 years, made a resolute decision to dedicate all his efforts on helping Ukraine to survive.

The Fund focused on four key initiatives:

1. Generators for Life

Given the substantial damage inflicted on Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages due to artillery attacks and fighting, coupled with intentional targeting of infrastructure by Russian forces, the Fund initiated purchasing and accepting donated electricity generators of any power. They were placed on a temporary use basis in affected areas.

2. Computers for the Front

Ukrainian army rapidly expanded to 1 million personnel in a single day. Various newly formed units required computer equipment. The Ukraine Protection and Development Fund supplied more than 2,000 electronic devices, including laptops, tablets, desktops, IP cameras, IP phones, switches, routers, screens, servers, and printers to support these military units.

3. Advising other charities

Leveraging the Fund management team’s extensive experience in Ukraine, encompassing knowledge of its geography, demographics, weather, road system, economy, legal and accounting systems, logistics infrastructure, and its people, the Fund extended its expertise to other charities and non-governmental organisations. This assistance enabled these entities to make informed decisions and operate efficiently within Ukraine. 

4. Adopt a School Project

With over five million Ukrainian children displaced due to the full-scale Russian invasion, and more than 2,600 schools damaged and 400 completely destroyed, the Fund initiated the Adopt a School project. This initiative collected used office and school electronics and distributed them to students and educational institutions in Ukraine, alleviating the disruptions caused by the Russian invasion.

After successfully addressing all legal requirements, the Fund sought to establish its brand identity and a robust web presence to facilitate global fundraising efforts. Given the limited timeframe of seven days, prompt action was necessary.


First, we started looking for a symbol that embodies Ukraine + Development + Protection. And ultimately, we have discovered the perfect one.

Vyshyvanka (Ukr. “вишиванка”) – an embroidery element of the Ukrainian national costume.

Vyshyvanka is used as a talisman to protect the person wearing it and to tell a story. A geometric pattern woven in the past by adding red or black threads into the light thread was later imitated by embroidery, and believed to have the power to protect a person from all harm. There is a saying in Ukrainian “Народився у вишиванці” which is translated as somebody was born wearing vyshyvanka. It is used to emphasize someone’s luck and ability to survive in any situation. (Wikipedia)

From the Ivan Honchar Museum’s web site we have found various types of embroideries originating from different regions of Ukraine. The chosen ornament style was from picturesque and mystical Verhovyna in Ivano-Frankivska region.

© Ivan Honchar Museum, Kyiv, ukraine
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Ukraine Protection and Development Fund

The Ukraine Protection and Development Fund was established to help resolve the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine resulting from the Russian invasion that started on 24 February 2022, which was, in fact, a continuation of Russian aggression against Ukraine that started overtly in 2014 with the invasion of Crimea and prior to that on a political level.

Web development

The UPDF’s website was launched on time and has been a valuable tool for the organisation in raising awareness of its work and collecting donations.

The UPDF is committed to continuing its work to help Ukraine.

The Fund plans to expand its programs to provide assistance to more people in need.

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