Adopt a School is a project of Ukraine Protection and Development Fund a non-profit registered in Ukraine which collects used office and school electronics and delivers them to students and schools in Ukraine to mitigate the educational disaster the disruption and devastation the Russian full scale invasion has caused..

The challenge

Adopt a School was the fourth charity project launched by the Ukraine Protection and Development Fund, joining Generators for Life, Computers for the Front, and Advising Other Charities.

The fund’s management team decided to create a stand-alone website for Adopt a School to reach potential donors around the world.

The solution

The website was developed within a week to support the fundraising campaign.

The website features information about the project, ways to donate, and stories from students and schools that have benefited from the project.

Elizabethtown College sends used computer technology overseas to Ukrainian students in need
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Lancaster Online, 26 May 2023

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