Dance crew of TAPFUSION performing on a stage



TAPFUSION combines the concepts of postmodern dance with the sounds of tap with the result being a richly percussive, gracefully fluid style which exceeds the limitations of the traditional forms.

TAPFUSION, as a not-for-profit dance company, seeks to raise awareness of and create interest in the art form of dance.

Support the supporter

In 2022, TAPFUSION added to its mission that it would seek to provide charitable assistance to victims of humanitarian crises worldwide. The Board of Directors further authorised the creation of the “Ukraine Project“, a designated fund to provide humanitarian aid to people of Ukraine affected by the war.

To address the humanitarian crisis resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, TAPFUSION has partnered with The Ukraine Protection and Development Fund, a registered charity founded in Ukraine by people living in Ukraine to address the challenges Ukraine is facing.

Being registered in the US as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation (it means that contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law), TAPFUSION started a fundraising campaign in the US. 100% of anything donated passed through to the Ukraine Protection and Development Fund for use in Ukraine.

TAPFUSION was founded in 1997 but didn’t have a website until 2022. To enable TAPFUSION to run an efficient fundraising campaign, we needed to create a new website within a very limited timeframe. 

Web development

The TAPFUSION’s website was launched within two weeks and now plays an essential role in the fundraising campaign.

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