Tetyana Yagodkina



Tetyana Yagodkina is a Ukrainian painter, mural artist, teacher and public figure. The basis of her works is the classical realistic school of painting. She transformed her perception of the world into her own style of painting and techniques, which became a unique feature of Tetyana’s work. The field of experiment in the combination of classics and abstraction for her is landscape, still life and portrait.

Tetyana’s works are in the private collections of the 1st President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, HH Sheik Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, belonging to the ruling dynasty of the UAE, as well as in Ukraine, USA, UAE, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, India, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, United Kingdom.

The strategy

Tetyana Yagodkina is a well-known artist who has participated in dozens of group exhibitions and organised over 20 solo exhibitions in various countries supported by hundreds of publications in media.

We decided to start with developing of the integrated communications strategy which included not only website development but all available media assets and tools.

The solution

We began by taking a deep dive into the unknown world of art management.

We interviewed curators, gallery owners, and other experts to learn more about the best practices for promoting and selling art. We also worked with Tetyana to develop her own unique colour palette and design aesthetic for her website.

The website was designed to be simple and elegant, with a focus on Tetyana’s artwork. We used neutral colours and fonts to create a calming and distraction-free viewing experience. We also invested heavily in the technical aspects of the website, ensuring that it is responsive and easy to navigate.

Tetyana’s Wikipedia page was created as part of the bigger communications campaign.

The future

Tetyana Yagodkina has many plans for the future, including expanding her art school, Iva Art Club. We will continue to work with her to develop her website and other marketing materials to help her reach her goals.

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